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CSS Tutorial – 21 – List

CSS tutorials

The list properties deal specifically with the list elements.


List-style-type is used to select a list-item marker from a set of predefined values. The default value is “disc”.

list-style-type : 
  inherit | none | disc | circle | square | decimal | 
  upper-alpha | lower-alpha | upper-roman | lower-roman |
  lower-greek | lower-latin | armenian | georgian | 


The list-style-image property allows a custom image to be used as the list bullet. The image path is specified inside of the CSS url function. This property will overshadow any marker type selected with the list-style-type property.

list-style-image : inherit | none | url(<url>)


List-style-position gives an alternative for where the bullet is placed. The bullet can be positioned either “outside” of the element box, which is the default, or “inside” of it.

list-style-position : inherit | outside | inside


List-style is the shorthand property for setting all of the list properties. The values can be set in any order since there is no ambiguity. Either one of the values may be omitted, in which case the default value will be used.

list-style : <list-style-type> + <list-style-image> + 
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