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HTML Tutorial – 03 – Hello World

To start developing in HTML create an empty text file with an .html file extension and open it in the text editor of your choice – for example Notepad, Bluefish or Dreamweaver. Copy the following content to the HTML file and save it.

  <title>Learning HTML</title> 
  Visible content of the document

The HTML part of every website starts and ends with the <html>…</html> element. This element tells the browser that the document contains HTML. Inside the element there are two sections – <head> and <body> – which in turn contains header and body tags. The header gives information about the document, most importantly the page title using the <title> element. The body is the displayed content of the page. These four elements – <html>, <head>, <body> and <title&gt – are required on every webpage.

To view the rendered HTML page double click on the HTML file to open it with your default web browser. Note that although the browser will render the markup tags to display the page it is still possible to look at the original source markup using the “View Source” function in the browser.

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