5 harmful distractions when studying remotely

A few years ago, the idea of ​​studying at home and attending school classes in the comfort of your own home could have been a dream. However, the Covid-19 pandemic suddenly imposed this condition and, with an emergency configuration, came a series of challenges, showing that remote teaching is not something simple.

One of the impasses concerns the concentration of students during classes at home. For example: how can you stay focused on your studies when you have so many distractions around you at home? The secret is not to let all this get in your way. Check out 5 distractions that are harmful to your academic performance during remote learning and learn ways to overcome them.

1. Environmental stimuli

In a normal period, being at home means rest and leisure. Therefore, dialogues between family members, video games, music and pets playing are common.

However, when working and studying at home, all of these factors can make it difficult to concentrate. Therefore, environmental stimuli need to be minimized as much as possible during the pandemic, in order to maintain the necessary productivity.

Cell phones are among the main causes of distraction, so leave them off while studying. This is a good time to leave it charging!

2. Lack of well-defined schedules

When the routine involves going to work or university, everyday life tends to be more regulated. There is a set time to catch the bus at the beginning of the day or be in the classroom at the beginning of class, making the subject take place outside of your personal organization.

However, this will not be present at home. People are poorly educated to respond to self-managed goals and, as a result, the routine tends to dissipate. Therefore, it is essential to create your own goals and learn to respect them, an example of which is setting schedules.

If you have the opportunity to stay at home during the pandemic, discipline must be your ally. Well-defined schedules for activities and leisure are a way to ensure proper functioning and reduce distractions.

3. Procrastination

Procrastination, or the terrible habit of putting off until later everything that has to be done, may also distract persons who work or teach remotely.

As a result, in addition to setting specific times for tasks, it is critical to have an agenda in which the activities to be completed on the day are defined and recorded. This can assist organize work in a chronological order, as well as the demands that must be met.

It is also worth making goals clear. If there is an interest in learning a second language or delving deeper into the use of certain software, for example, it is interesting to externalize this desire into tangible goals that facilitate achievement.

4. Inadequate structure

Another problem that may prevent you from completing the assignment is a lack of proper organization. As a result, consider the ergonomics of your study space; it is required that: the environment is well-lit; there is ventilation; the computer screen is slightly below eye level; and the keyboard and mouse are at a height that allows the arm to form a 90-degree angle with the body.

Without proper care, discomfort in the spine and joints may develop, compromising well-being and, as a result, the study’s quality.

5. Lack of attention to physical and mental health

Comparable to wellbeing, mulling over everything from a more extensive perspective is essential. At the point when your routine expects you to take off from the house, getting away from a stationary way of life, stress and mental problems, for example, summed up uneasiness and depression is more straightforward.

Therefore, it is essential to have moments of leisure and physical activity. Remember that this can even be done at home, when following a series, reading, dancing or jumping rope, for example — which are activities that help keep the mind and body in good condition and, thus, being able to have more focus during studies.

Furthermore, taking care of your sleep is another valuable tip, as it is essential for the mind to rest and ensure quality learning.

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