5 tips for using Alexa in your study routine

We know that a study routine, together with the many other tasks we have on a daily basis, can be tiring and exhausting – even more so for those who can be organized, but not organized enough.

With this in mind, it is necessary to look for alternatives that help to establish a good distribution of what needs to be studied and when it should be done, so that you are always up to date and maintain a good pace.

In this sense, technology has increasingly shown itself to be a great ally, both in education and in several other areas of life, facilitating simple tasks and also those that require a greater degree of complexity.

Especially for young people who are always in touch with the evolution of gadgets – technological slang for portable electronic devices – there are great opportunities to use them to help advance their studies.

Whether for those who are preparing for the entrance exam, for those looking for training in a professional course, or also for those who study at a distance, any help to optimize time and knowledge is very welcome.

After all, there is a lot of content to review, a series of books to read, simulations to practice, among others. Therefore, without a good dose of organization, it can be quite difficult to reconcile everything.

And as a great alternative, one of these modern and extremely useful devices is Alexa, Amazon’s intelligent virtual assistant, which can be used to perform various tasks through voice commands.

That’s why we’ve brought you a list of some tips on how using it can help you improve your study routine and achieve the results you want.

5 tips to optimize your study routine with Alexa


To do well in your studies, you will need organization and planning, and Alexa has many resources to help you have a good routine.

You can create reminders, set alarms and even ask it to create a personalized schedule. In other words, without paperwork and endless lists, because with it you can always be in control of your schedule.


When searching for any type of content, you can use Alexa and search for information on the internet. In seconds, it will read the results aloud and offer the option to send the links to your cell phone or email.

You can also ask her to define terms, synonyms, antonyms, translations and other data relevant to your study. Alexa not only saves time, but also helps you get accurate and up-to-date information.


Do you want to take notes in an easy and practical way during a class, lecture or reading? Just use Alexa to record your thoughts, reminders, quotes and other important data.

Furthermore, using the application, which is compatible with the gadget, you can create lists, tasks, notes and events using your voice. Then, just access all of this via your cell phone, tablet or computer and organize it however you want.

Content review

To study with Alexa, there is the option to create flashcards with questions and answers about the content you want to review. Using the Quizlet app, simply make your own or use those already available on the platform, making the process easier.

Then, just ask her to start a quiz with the chosen set and answer the questions using her voice. The assistant will tell you whether you got it right or wrong and will give you feedback on your performance.

Audio Books and summaries

We know that sometimes reading a book in its entirety can be one of those arduous tasks.

However, Alexa can make this much easier, as she can read audiobooks while you do other things, and can also summarize them, optimizing your time for studying.

Therefore, if you are thinking about making your study routine more dynamic, modern and relaxed, it is worth considering using Amazon’s virtual assistant to help you.

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