7 ideas to help you stay focused when studying

Studying is essential to remember learned content, fix material in memory and perform exercises to master formulas and problems from the most varied disciplines.

But doing this goes far beyond simply reading a lot: you need to have focus, concentration and a lot of commitment to make the hours of learning worth it. To do this, you can follow some quick techniques to improve your studies.

The tips are apparently simple, but they can make all the difference and help you maintain peace of mind to achieve the best possible result at the time of the test.

1. Study in advance

Arranging is the watchword for beginning a review period, so consistently have a schedule close by to realize what amount of time is left until the test is required and which days of the week you will take off.

The sooner you start studying, the better; After all, it’s more time to cover all possible content, ask questions to teachers and perform exercises.

2. Distraction-free environment

The place where you study defines much of your focus and must be chosen very well. Firstly, the environment needs to be organized, airy and well lit, suitable for you to stay as long as necessary.

Avoid distractions as much as possible. Leave electronics aside, keep your cell phone out of sight or even turned off. In the case of studying on the computer, turn off the connection to resist the temptations of accessing social networks or browsing the internet.

Listening to music is not prohibited, but first test your focus according to the volume and even the language of what will be played. Sometimes, listening to instrumental tracks is the best option, as the lyrics can make it difficult to concentrate.

3. Stomach full, but not too much

Food may seem less important when you want to spend hours locked in your room with books, but it’s exactly the opposite. Daily meals are transformed into energy for the student to complete study sessions and have the desire to continue.

Breakfast is important to keep your appetite under control and ensure good performance at the beginning of the day. Meals need to be reinforced, but be careful not to overdo it at lunch, as the digestion of heavy or very fatty foods can harm performance in the following hours.

While studying, don’t forget to keep a lighter snack nearby, along with water to always stay hydrated.

4. Writing helps you memorize

A well-accepted technique for memorizing content is to write as much as possible, whether in exercises or in the production of summaries. Always have paper and a pen on hand to make diagrams, repeat formulas or names and record the details of a subject.

Furthermore, reviewing the teachings of a subject right after class is also a good strategy, as the content is still “fresh” and is remembered in a more organic way.

5. Create a study routine

The more a task becomes natural, the better. Therefore, try to establish a well-defined routine for reviewing content, with a start and end time. Find the best possible period of the day to study, discovering that moment when you are well concentrated and achieve more.

Also try to define goals, objectives and small rewards. This helps you monitor your own achievements, devise strategies and remain excited until the time for the entrance exam.

6. Stay within your limit

The desire to study and pass the entrance exam may be strong, but your body needs to be respected! Maintain a regular sleep cycle and watch your limits, which means resting or slowing down when necessary.

Sleep schedules must be followed strictly, especially in the days before the test. Control your physical fatigue, as this also affects your concentration performance: doing physical exercise during the day is highly recommended, but don’t overdo it so that you also have energy for your books.

7. Maintain self-esteem

If you are willing to follow all these tips, there is one more that needs to be taken into account: don’t give up! Keep your end goal in mind, stay focused throughout the weeks and take the test with confidence.

The reward will come after the hard work and, after earning that dream place at college, you will thank yourself for putting so much effort into your studies.

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