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After all, am I a proactive person? 5 signs show yes

Many professionals ask themselves “ am I a proactive person ?”. This characteristic is very highlighted in the resume. But what does being proactive actually mean and how do you know if you have this characteristic at work?

Knowing and understanding what proactivity is helps to give good examples during the interview and demonstrate this skill in practice.

What does it mean to be a proactive person?

A proactive person is one who strives to make something happen and does not wait to act. Her gaze is always focused on the possibilities and developments of the work being developed, which allows her to also anticipate when solving problems.

But not only that, this type of professional naturally stands out as they take initiative and are more likely to innovate. He is committed to changing the situation around him and finds it easier to seek alternative solutions to challenges.

Proactivity is a characteristic that can be worked on and is present right from school, with students who apply to take the lead in a new job, through an intern who proposes an improvement in a stage of work, and even more so in leaders. .

Leadership requires the professional to have a macro view of the business and be able to see where the team is going and what everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are . Thus, he is able to evaluate scenarios and seek the best path forward.

5 signs that a person is proactive

Understanding the main characteristics of a proactive person allows you to understand whether you, in fact, possess this quality. Furthermore, it allows you to better understand these concepts to develop them in your daily life. Check out the main characteristics and see if you show signs that you are productive:

1 – Anticipation

The main characteristic observed in this group is their ability to anticipate. With their analytical vision, they have a great ability to act and anticipate possible problems.

This way, you can act quickly and change the path, recalculate and test new possibilities. Anticipation allows a person to notice a problem right away or even before it happens.

2 – Troubleshooting

As a result, problem solving is also one of its main qualities. This anticipation allows him to predict a problem before it even happens, thus being able to be prepared for possible negative scenarios.

The unpredictable can still happen, but by being prepared, you can deal with these situations more easily.

3 – Creativity

Proactivity is closely related to problem solving, which means that creativity is also a high point. Because no matter how prepared he is, unexpected things can still happen. Expanding your knowledge also helps in this regard, as it provides you with more creative tools.

4 – Future vision

This look at what comes next can already be considered a vision of the future, but the proactive professional goes further. They are always following trends and looking at what’s ahead. They are guided by the future, by what is to come and are oriented by the long term.

5 – Adaptability

A reality of the current job market is that everything can change in the blink of an eye. Issues that go beyond work show that you need to know how to adapt. Furthermore, new technologies emerge quickly, changing processes and work styles. Proactive people find it very easy to adapt and, linked to their eye for trends, they are able to integrate with the new.

How important is proactivity in everyday life?

In the job market, this professional is very valuable. It brings with it a greater capacity to innovate and increases the productivity of your sector. Your attitude even impacts the work of your colleagues, as you can use your skills to help solve problems for other team members, in addition to proposing solutions that will make everyone’s lives easier. Understand the importance of proactivity in everyday life:

Allows for better job opportunities

With these qualities, the professional will stand out in the company. This will allow you to evolve faster and, as we said, can even help you reach leadership positions. It also puts you in a prominent position in selection processes.

Increases team productivity

As we said above, this professional will find it easy to find solutions that will help everyone, but only his attitude can encourage the team to be proactive as well. With this, the team will become more productive, focused on results and with better communication.

Now that you know the signs and understand the importance of this skill, do you know how to answer the question “am I a productive person”? Regardless of the results, these actions can be applied little by little on a daily basis, transforming habits and helping to increase proactivity little by little.

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