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Best tips for a good interview; see 6 here

The selection process to gain a new job is often complex and consists of several stages. But one thing that doesn’t change and usually plays a central role in hiring is the direct conversation with the manager or HR representative. Therefore, professionals who are looking for new opportunities in the job market should know the tips for a good interview .

When someone is called for an interview, it means that they have already overcome the first barrier: their resume fits the job description. But other professionals with similar knowledge will also be selected, and this is the time to stand out from the rest and prove why you are the right choice.

What to do?

But for this to flow well you need to follow some important tips. This is because being face to face with the person who can define your professional future can be scary and the professional finds himself nervous. In moments of anxiety, it is common to forget what you are saying, not be able to concentrate or have physical reactions such as excessive sweating.

The person on the other side of the table knows they are dealing with someone under pressure and some nervousness is expected from candidates, but it is necessary to have emotional control to respond calmly, resolve doubts and still impress.

And the best way to do this is to prepare well. The professional who studied your answers , understood the vacancy, sought information about the company and knows how to list their professional achievements will be better able to respond carefully and not get carried away by nervousness.

6 tips for a good interview

There is no secret to a good interview, just preparation. When having contact with the recruiter, many factors that will be evaluated may be beyond what the professional predicts, such as your resourcefulness, your ability to speak in public, your eloquence and even whether your work style suits the organization.

Therefore, the ideal is to focus on what you can control and arrive prepared. Here are six tips for a good interview:

1- Practice responses

Even if it’s alone in front of the mirror, or with someone’s help, practice your answers. Start with the most basic questions like “talk about your last professional experience” or “why were you interested in the position?”. This will help bring more confidence and indicate which points need more work.

This is also a way to align your answers with what is expected of the position. Thus, by commenting on why you applied, you can impress with your knowledge and show your interest.

2 – Study the organization

The second tip is to find out about the organization and the vacancy. On the company’s website there are many indications of what they do, projects carried out and, in some cases, numbers and results.

So take the time to read more, get to know the customers, understand the solutions. Search LinkedIn for information about actions taken and what other employees comment.

3 – Evaluate your behavior

The company evaluation begins well before the interview. They will analyze whether the candidate arrived on time and whether he or she is wearing appropriate clothing. It is not necessary to dress socially in an interview for a company that has a more informal dress code, but it is important to select appropriate clothing.

Turn off your cell phone or put it on silent, speak in an appropriate tone of voice (try to imitate the recruiter’s tone), look them in the eyes, speak firmly and avoid long pauses.

4 – Tell your story

Personal marketing is a person’s ability to present their best qualities or achievements in a way that impresses others. In the job market, it is suitable for both self-employed professionals and those looking for a corporate placement.

It involves developing good self-knowledge and exploring the characteristics that stand out. Use examples from other companies to comment on the relationship with colleagues and managers and, mainly, the work carried out.

Have concrete metrics to indicate positive results and comment in a practical way on how certain skills were essential to achieving the company’s objectives.

5 – Ask questions

Asking questions about the vacancy or the company shows the recruiter your interest in the position. This does not mean asking very basic questions like “what do you do?”. This must have been researched in advance, as mentioned above. Focus on more specific things involving and, if possible, the team or sector where you will work.

6 – Be sincere

Both when talking about limitations and negative points, and even when explaining why you left your previous company, always be honest in your answer . When reporting unfavorable aspects of your technical or behavioral skills, focus on the ways you have sought to change this, but still point out your flaws.

These are the main tips for a good interview and will help the candidate stand out. However, as we said, there is no secret, but preparation. Study the job description and develop answers that connect with what is required. It is through genuine and well-constructed answers that recruiters will know what type of professional and person you are.

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