How to use WhatsApp as a sales channel

Entrepreneurs are constantly seeking for innovative methods to enhance sales and expand their businesses. In many situations, this entails determining the best way to engage with consumers, which includes utilizing WhatsApp as a sales channel.

In 2018, the network launched WhatsApp Business, with configurations aimed at companies. This opened up the opportunity to maintain more direct communication with customers and streamline communication.

Since then, the tool has grown and developed, and today it is a powerful sales channel.

What is WhatsApp Business?

The Business format is similar to that used for personal use, however, it has specific features for commercial use, such as automating responses, creating catalogs, sending quick responses and organizing contacts.

To start using the platform, follow the steps below:

  1. Download WhatsApp Business
  2. Include a business phone number (can be cell or landline)
  3. Create a profile with company data, including business name, email and category
  4. Activate the account in “settings”

After creating the account, you need to configure the profile. To achieve this, it is important to establish objectives for using the tool, as this will determine how it will be adjusted. Companies that accept orders directly through the platform can include, for example, a product catalog with prices and photos.

Additionally, determine the business hours where people will receive a response and create an automatic message if you receive a communication outside the established period. This way, customers will know when they will hear back.

Also take the opportunity to provide a brief description of the business and, if relevant, include its physical address and website. For doctors and healthcare professionals, for example, it is a way to speed up scheduling appointments.

If the patient found the number on another channel, such as Google, when accessing the conversation they will have the necessary information such as location and opening hours to then start the matter.

In addition to profile settings, see other useful WhatsApp Business features:

Automatic message

It is not just to notify about opening hours that automatic messages can be used. With the support of bots, it is possible to create a standard initial conversation that allows you to target the customer.

By defining some standardized messages, the company can know what the conversation is about and offer a more assertive response. Still using the office as an example, the professional can configure the messages to follow a path. See the example:

How can we help?

  1. Appointment scheduling
  2. Information about health plans
  3. Refund requests

This speeds up communication for the customer and makes the process easier for those responsible for customer service.

Quick responses

Some types of businesses receive the same questions or need to respond to the same type of request all day long. Therefore, when creating quick responses there is no need to always send the same message, such as quotes.


Business still has a very important function for companies, which is customer categorization. The template allows you to create labels that help organize subjects.

Thus, conversations can be divided according to the request and even enter different stages of the sales funnel .

How to sell with WhatsApp Business?

Configuring the account properly is important as it offers credibility to the brand and increases customer trust . Thus, direct and agile contact can make a difference for those who are in doubt and be a decisive factor in finalizing the purchase. But beyond that, there are other ways to use the tool to sell. Check out:

Transmission lists

A feature recently added to WhatsApp is the broadcast list, which allows you to bring together several contacts in one place to receive information. It doesn’t work like a group chat, as only those who created the list can post.

You need to be careful with this format because, if it is too invasive, it can alienate the customer. But, if he authorizes and shows interest, this is an opportunity to indicate launches, promotions and even use other marketing strategies such as offering coupons.

Inbound marketing

Just as is done with email marketing, include WhatsApp in your inbound strategy . To do this, customers must be classified according to their stage in the funnel, as mentioned above, and receive personalized communications.

This strategy works best when it is integrated with a CRM, but it is more effective as it focuses on consumers who have already purchased or are more interested in the product or service.


Just like stories on Instagram, WhatsApp also has a status, where you can post for a short time. Use this format to indicate news, special prices and actions on commemorative dates.

Using WhatsApp as a sales channel allows you to get closer to consumers, as most people access the platform several times a day. Include this media in your marketing and sales strategies and rely on the power of communication to win new customers.

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